Do Window Safety Films Work?

Often homeowners invest in beautiful and tall glass windows to augment the interior decor of their abode by assuming and accepting that windows are prone to damage and require repeated repairs and maintenance as a part of their fate. Well, it is true that without glass windows and doors, your property would be reduced to any other four-corner brick-and-wall space. Glass adds character and helps you view and stay connected with the outside world. But at the same time, these glass windows come with a short shelf life and threaten the lives of your loved ones and the premises by serving as a medium to breach security.

Glass is a relatively weaker accessory with low impact resistance. With the help of tools and minimal force (natural or manufactured), it can quickly be shattered and broken into multiple smaller pieces. Glass, without any protection shield, is a flawed combination for any homeowner to invest in. Thus, if you haven’t taken any measures, you must install an anti-shatter window film.

A safety and security window film adds strength to your ordinary window glasses. With the additional protective layer, you can boost security and protect your home from break-ins, vandalism, shattering, accidents, bomb blasts and attacks. Some security window films also protect your premises against harmful UV rays and prevent your decor from turning yellow and pale.

Therefore, do these window security films work to answer the above question? Absolutely, Yes! They are worth every penny and investment!

One Investment – Multifaceted Benefits

If you want to ditch the route of shelling money repeatedly for repairs and maintenance or as and when your glass shatters due to any reason, a one-time investment in window security window films will bring you relief. Let us understand how:

  1. Security: A security window film is a durable and robust shield added to your existing window glasses. This way, it can safeguard your home and prevent the entry of intruders. An anti-shatter glass protection film also makes your house safe by holding the glass shards together and preventing them from falling out. You can enjoy a safe and guarded indoor atmosphere in your home by not worrying about break-ins, thefts or glass injuries and accidents.
  2. Protection from Natural Disasters: Heavy storms and floods can severely impact any structure and erode the walls, windows and doors. A mighty hail and wind gusts can put a lot of pressure on glass windows. Moreover, we never know when a natural calamity will occur and need to prepare. But if you want to protect your home well in advance, invest in a security window film beforehand.
  3. Protection from Explosions: In case of an explosion, terror activity or bomb blast, it has been noted that the glass in the surrounding areas endures the impact and is the first one to break. The issues do not contain there, as a single square piece of glass can lead to severe injuries and deaths. Thus, it is crucial to protect your home by installing bomb blast protection film in your windows.
  4. UV Protection: The best about these window films is that they are equipped with solar protection and UV-blocking technology. Installing this allows you to enjoy a pleasant indoor ambience and stay stress-free about your decor turning pale.
  5. Unforeseen Crisis: We often ignore our old window glass panes only to face the predicament of the glasses shattering in the middle of the night. Or, if you have children and pets at home, your glasses are vulnerable to breaking at any hour of the day. Instead of panicking and spending for a replacement or repair, install shatterproof window film today!

Expert Assistance from Able Install

With a strong and reputed industrial presence since 1990, Able Install brings forward premium quality security window film supply and installation services. The windows installed by our expert are as per UK Safety Standard, scratch-resistant and hold a 10-year warranty.

Not just UK, but our unparalleled services extend to 25 countries worldwide. Our security window films are available in different thickness ranges at affordable quotations. Thus, safeguard your home with a one-time investment in our quality and cost-effective window films today!