Display & Manifestation Design Graphics

Where an area of window must be immediately recognisable as a barrier, Display & Manifestation Design Graphics vinyl and film can be pre-cut and manufactured to display anything from a simple design to a complicated decorative logo, whilst ensuring that the windows or glazed office partitions comply with the Building and Disability Regulations.

Glass shows no sign of waning in popularity with architects and main contractors and it is used extensively in modern workplaces and leisure facilities – in fact, light is an integral part of most building designs these days and windows are used extensively as a result.

Furthermore, over the past ten years, there have been changes in working practices. Communal areas have become integrated with meeting rooms, and the emphasis is on ‘open’ offices and visible workers. Walls have gone out of fashion to a large extent, and are being replaced by glass partitions.

However, this can come at a cost. First, privacy can be lost; second, the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 states that all window panels must bear a pattern or other design that makes them visible to visually impaired people. These are referred to in the trade as Manifestation Graphics.


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    Plenty of Choice

    With opaque, frosted, obscure or coloured window films, the possibilities are endless: from simple bands and circles/dots to more decorative designs using more than one type of window film.

    Display graphics are less expensive than etched or sandblasted glass, and you don’t have to decide whether to put up with the noise and mess of etching or blasting or the inconvenience of replacing glass panel by panel. Furthermore, the graphics are not permanent and can be replaced should you wish.

    We have the skills and experience to deliver the look you require in your place of business, whether you want a straightforward privacy film installation or want to make an impression on your visitors with a complicated design incorporating your brand.

    Let our experience help you combine the benefits of glass with the impact that creative design can create, and make sure that you comply with the DDA Specifications