Solar Heat, Tinted & Uv Control Window Films

Our Solar heat, tinted & UV Control window films can help reduce all the problems associated with too much sunshine through your windows.

Create a More Pleasant Workplace

The suns solar heat can cause workplaces to be unpleasant and uncomfortable to work in. Solar heat Control, tinted & UV control window films not only reduce high temperatures but also helps keep heat in when it is cold outside.

Save Money on Energy Bills, Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and protect yourselves from the suns harmful UV rays with our UV control window film.

In Winter heat lost from the office is money wasted, just as in Summer air-conditioning increases energy usage and drives costs up.

Solar window film helps you use less power and keep ongoing energy costs down, as well as helping to protect our global environment for future generations.

solar window film UK

Solar control window film fitted to the rotunda at Heathrow airport.

solar film installation London

Silver 35 solar control film installed to specified height to give swimmers privacy from the public but also to provide some natural light along the top.


What Do Solar Control Window Films Do?

Let’s face it, we’ve all had to deal with the sun at some point or another! As much as we miss it when it’s gone, the sun can bring some inconveniences along with it which up until recently, we’ve just had to put up with. Thanks to Able Install though, you no longer have to just accept the good with the bad when it comes to that sunshine! It’s all thanks to the best solar film for home windows.

Solar control window films are a great way to keep your energy bills low whilst keeping your productivity high. Too much sunshine can be very difficult to work with, especially with it blaring into your home. It will come as no surprise to you that too much light can be very damaging and dangerous to your eyes.

The sunshine coming in strong into your home can also be damaging to your possessions over time! Your books, blankets, carpets and photos for instance, can get damaged by being sun bleached, and that’s something that sadly isn’t repairable.

Solar control film uses a slight tint and a mirror effect, facing outwards, to reduce the impact of the UV rays coming into your home. Solar control window films have become an increasingly popular way to save money, energy and feel more comfortable in your own home! Take back control of your glare and set up top solar UV film across your property or business.

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Why Choose Able Install?

Protect your Eyes, Improve Privacy with tinted window film.

Glare on screens can be a terrible annoyance and affect productivity, as well as causing eye strain, headaches and tiredness. With solar control window films there is no need to draw (or maybe even have) curtains and blinds.

Furthermore, the one-way mirror effect of the film creates a certain amount of privacy.

solar reflective film for windows Hampshire, UK

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    Reduce Fading Caused by UV Rays

    The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays cause permanent damage to carpets and curtains, furniture, art and graphics, merchandise and pretty much anything else you can think of! Whether you sell information, services or physical products, faded fixtures, fittings and stock will make your workplace look older and less impressive.

    We can install UV control window film that will trap up to 99% of the UV in the sun’s rays.we also supply and install a thinner UV control window film which blocks out 100% of the suns UV rays, this film is very popular with museums and stately homes.

    Comply with Employee Welfare Legislation

    Employers have legal obligations to their employees to create a pleasant and safe working environment that include minimising heat stress and glare on computer monitors. The relevant legislation in the UK:

    • The Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations 1992
    • The European Workplace Legislation for Thermal Comfort