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Are you looking for window film installers near me? Are you interested in setting up commercial window tinting for your business, or modern privacy film for your home? Window film is a great new way to transform the look and feel of your existing glass without having to make any replacements. For reliable, professional window film installation, you should look for a leading team with years of experience in the manufacture, supply and installation of films to businesses and homes across London, Surrey, Birmingham, Manchester, Hampshire and across the whole UK.

For the best house window tinting, low-cost frosted window film and dedicated specialist care, you need look no further than Able Install Ltd. But what is it about our experts and engineers which sets us apart from the competition? Is it our fantastic range of UV window film, or our committal to low cost prices across our wider catalogue? Read on and learn more.

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Who Is Able Install Ltd?

Able Install Ltd is an independent UK company with offices in London and Southampton. We provide a nationwide window installation service and have over 30 years’ experience in the supply and installation of a wide range of different types of window film for domestic, commercial and industrial buildings, drilling platforms and oil and LNG tankers. We’re proud to be able to help local businesses and homes gain access to the best window film installation around. However, we are never afraid to look further afield to help people who need us.

We are leading specialists in the production and installation of office window tinting, anti-graffiti film and more besides. We are the best window film company near me, who genuinely cares about finding the best possible solutions for our customers’ concerns. Need security window film to protect against unwanted attention? Looking for a reliable window film installer and a low-cost fitter who can attend to all of your existing windows? All you need to do is call us.

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Our Films And Services

We have a vast variety of affordable window film available for various needs and purposes. Are you looking for window film suppliers near me? Who can help with nearby window security film installation? Maybe you need specialists who can support you with cheap residential window film installation. In any case, we will always be sure to find the right package and supplies to suit your needs.

For example, we supply and personally install solar control window film. These window films protect you against the sun’s damaging ultra-violet rays. We will also be able to fit safety and security window film, different levels and shades of both tinted and opaque films, as well as frosted and privacy films designed to suit every scenario. We can fit a frosted type film for a bathroom window for complete privacy. Or, we can fit thick, heavy-duty bomb blast window film & burglar film. Our variety and low-cost tariffs are what make us leading names in national window film fitting. What’s more, we will also be able to produce custom decorative window film with bespoke designs, colours and shapes.

Our safety and security window films can also be used to upgrade your building’s glazing so that it complies with current health and safety regulations. Our commercial window tinting and films do more than just look pretty!


Why We Are Different?

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What We Offer

  • Reduce heat and glare by up to 80% with our solar energy reduction films

  • 10% discount for good causes and HM forces
  • 10% discount for NHS staff and key workers
  • Ask us for one of our flyers which entitles you to a 5% discount on our solar control films

  • Free and friendly no obligation site visit with demonstration of just how effective our films are

  • Reduce fading by 99% from harmful UV our rays with our solar control films

  • Increase security for your home or property with our anti-burglar window film

  • Keep cool with able install

  • Professional window film installations

  • Privacy films to stop prying eyes and nosey neighbours

  • Window film, the modern cost-effective alternative solution to blinds

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Why Choose Able Install?

  • Over 30 Years of Experience
  • Nationwide Installation Service

  • In-house Graphic Design Department

  • High Quality Installations

  • 10 Year Manufacturers Warranty

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