Too Hot? Skip The Blinds!

Well, who wouldn’t want to make some room in their homes for a breathtaking, refreshing and picturesque conservatory in their homes? They add to the curb appeal of your premises, give you a scenic view each time you look outside, enhance the decor by infusing style and decor and, most importantly, bring natural air and light. But are the natural sunlight and the beam too hot to handle? Is the glare making the conservatory so warm that it is difficult to step in? If so, we have a solution for you!

No, it is not the traditional blinds but a conservatory window film. A blind, even of superior quality, will only be capable of blocking the sun’s rays and not insulation. This way, the heat trapped by the glass windows will still make the conservatory warm and challenging to sit and spend time in. Moreover, since these blinds will block sunlight, the conservatory will be dark during the day. A conservatory blind will trap dust and dead insects, making it a regular cleaning chore. Additionally, the blinds with fabric and plastic coating and filling will wither over time due to the sun’s exposure, urging you for a reinstallment.

Going for a conservatory roof film installation is a more concrete, durable and innovative solution. A conservatory window film, also known as a solar film for a conservatory roof, is a type of shield or plastic adhesive applied to the existing conservatory roof. These window films reduce the solar heat and glare by creating a comfortable ambient temperature whilst allowing you to enjoy the internal and external views.

Benefits of Conservatory Window Films

  1. Year-Round Insulation: If you are assuming that a conservatory window film will provide a pleasant indoor experience only during the summers, that is not the case. With the help of these window films, you can enjoy 24/7 quality insulation, even during winter. Just as how with the use of these window films, you can reflect the sun away. During winter, the same windows will also reflect the heat and keep you warm.
  2. Eliminate Glare: If all this happened while wearing sunglasses on a short conservatory visit, you could keep them aside. The sun’s glare can be harsh and harmful, but with solar reflective film for conservatories, you can virtually stay free from the glint and glow. With the application of these window films, you can make room for reading, writing or simply enjoying a meal without blocking your vision.
  3. Adaptable: One of the most relieving properties of conservatory window films is that they are suitable for both glass and polycarbonate roofs. At Able Install, we provide a quality Coolkote which is the best and most efficient for both these roof materials.
  4. Protection Against Fading: Whether it is your wooden decor, frames or a table, keeping it in the conservatory without protection window film will invite fading. By installing a conservatory shading film, you are protecting your eyes and skin from harmful UV rays and your furniture from fading and deteriorating.
  5. Pleasing Appearance: Without making the conservatory dark, it allows you to enjoy a relaxed and pleasurable aura throughout the year. Also, since your views wouldn’t be blocked, you can relish the lovely indoor and outdoor sights.
  6. Quick Installation and Maintenance: Since a conservatory window film is suitable for all roof materials, they are easy to install. Also, you need not worry about repairs and maintenance as these films are easy to maintain and come with a 10-year warranty.

Install with Experts – Able Install

At Able Install, we understand how disturbing a harmful sun glare can be. At the same time, we realise you do not want to let go of that conservatory but relish in every bit of it. Thus, with a professional expertise of 30+ years, a team of specialists and a reliable reputation for serving hundreds of customers with quality solutions – we present our finest conservatory window films.

Connect with our expert team to receive your affordable quotation within 48 hours. Also, our premium quality conservatory window films are durable and robust and have a 10-year warranty. Thus, you will not face any issues with the prices, quality and our excellent services overall.