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Are you searching for some ideas to enhance the beauty of your home? Your near me solution and affordable solar window film work best for effortless home improvement. This thin sheet layering goes on your window and protects it from the heat and radiation of the sun. It also works as the solar film for conservatory roofs, keeps your house cool, and prevents your floor, curtains, and furniture from fading. Who would have thought about how much power something as simple as a solar window film can have? 

Benefits of Solar Window Film 

Our installation of solar reflective film for windows has the following benefits: 

  • Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings: Solar window film controls the room’s temperature and thus saves electricity bills. 
  • UV Protection and Health Benefits: The solar reflective film blocks UV rays from entering your room, thus protecting the skin from harmful effects
  • Enhanced Comfort and Temperature Control: Solar window film radiates heat outwards, creating a relaxed, comfortable environment. 
  • Reduction of Glare: Our solar window film reduces eye pressure and creates a comfortable environment by minimising glare.
  • Improved Aesthetics: Reflective type window film makes the building look updated and modern. 

Comparing Solar Window Film to Other Window Treatments

Here’s how solar control films are better than all other window treatments for commercial, industrial, or residential: 

  • Solar Window Film vs. Traditional Curtains: While curtains prevent direct sunlight from entering, they also block the view through the window. Whereas the heat reducing window film reduces UV rays and helps maintain the view.
  • Solar Window Film vs. Blinds and Shades: Likewise, blinds are practical but are noisy and shut light, whereas window films do the sun control but do not obstruct the view.
  • Solar Window Film vs. Double Glazing: Double glazing would be costly for replacement. At the same time, our solar window films are low cost.

Installation Process

Regarding solar control window film, DIY installation is cheap, but our professionals have the expertise, long-term benefits, and warranty. Here’s the step-by-step installation guide:

  • Measure your window glass surface
  • Cut window film materials accordingly
  • Clean and dry the interior surface
  • Spray water on the glass surface
  • Remove the backing and apply it
  • Trim the excess film
  • Lastly, smooth out air bubbles. 

It is durable, long-lasting, and needs cleaning with a sponge or soft cloth. 

Case Studies and Testimonials

People claim that our solar window film is magic. 

The Johnson family says: ‘Our living room faced west and by afternoon it used to turn very hot’. “But now it is cool and comfortable after getting the solar film”. 

Many people agree. The Garcia family writes, “We hardly use the AC again! The film even prevents furniture from fading”. Solar films look like an excellent product for cheerful homes. 

Environmental Impact

The window films we install improve the look and give eco-friendly benefits with sustainability principles. The best quality window films we install eliminate the need for additional materials, which helps minimise the carbon footprint. Additionally, its energy-saving benefits reduce environmental harm and create more sustainable building options.  

Cost Analysis

Investing in our Solar window film is brilliant if you want long-term benefits. The initial cost of installing solar window film depends on the window size, type of film, and service charge. Still, energy efficiency, protection against harmful UV rays, and preservation of flooring and furniture result in cost savings over time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does the solar window film last long? 

The solar window film is made primarily with durable products for long-lasting performance. 

Q. Will the tint of the film get discoloured? 

There are no pigments or dyes used in the film; the metal alloys used are highly colour stable, therefore it won’t get discoloured. 


Solar windows can reduce the heat and UV rays entering your house and reduce energy costs as they make it easier to keep things cool during the summer. Deciding on a film is simple! We have many tints and styles to ensure it complements your house. 

So, contact Able Install online today and get a free quote. Then, you can experience the advantages of heat reflecting film for windows for the years ahead!