Wooden Framed extension with S.E.R.F. 20 installed internally to roof and gable end to reduce heat and glare and create a much more comfortable communal area for private tenants in shared accommodation in Twickenham

Internal view of glass roof before installation of [...]

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Super Shade 20 installed to roof and Super Shade 35 to vertical glazing installed to reduce heat and glare and also for the protection of furniture from UV

Completed large roof section installed with super shade 20 [...]

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External installation of S.E.R.F. 20 to large south facing roof light over doctors surgery waiting area in north london to reduce both heat and glare

Before image of roof light prior to the [...]

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Crystalline privacy film installed to a set height to provide diners at central london restaurant a more exclusive dining experience

Before Image of restaurant glazing Image of front [...]

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