Satin silver solar control film for heat Build up in Conservatory

Client: Mrs Joy Holly

Location: Ascot, Berkshire

Mrs Holly contacted us as she had a problem with the heat in her conservatory, even though she already paid a lot of money for the so called “solar reflective glass” in the double glazed units in the roof panels and expensive made to measure blinds installed these were nowhere near good enough to combat the heat build up and she therefore couldn’t use her conservatory most of the time as the heat was unbearable and resembled a “glorified greenhouse!”

Twin Satin Silver Window Film - Able Install

We provided Mrs Holly with a free no obligation survey and talked her through her options and gave her a physical demonstration of just how effective the film is and explained what the qualities of the different films were and put up some large samples so she could see for herself just what the different films would physically look like in situ and left her to make the final decision without any nasty hard sell tactics.

She contacted us a few days later once she had had an opportunity to see what the different types of films we recommend would look like under different lighting conditions and decided to have our satin silver solar control film installed to the roof and the end V section and our AI neutral 50 solar control film to the remaining vertical glazing to keep the conservatory cool when the sun had gone over the roof and was shining through these windows.

“I was delighted with the results, the satin silver solar control film not only reduces heat and glare, it creates privacy from the overlooking bedroom windows above. The lighter clear window film looks good and provides more relief from the oven like effects of a south-facing conservatory. Good Job Rob”

Mrs Holly