Client: Cajun Express, Transocean.

Film type: Maritime Safety Security Film – Reinforcing Windows

Location: Las palmas, Gran Canaria

Brief : To install Maritime Safety Security Film – Reinforcing Windows as an additional safety precaution against possible terror or piracy attacks and glass breakage from the possibility of collision from heavy moving machinery.

Solution: The high tensile safety security maritime safety and security film we install stretches and gives with the force of impact without tearing & can absorb a large part of any shock wave therefore reducing the dangers posed by broken glass and other flying debris,Even if the glass is blown, knocked or smashed out it will do so in one piece and will contain any broken glass shards as they are held together by the film itself therefore reducing the risk of serious injury and damage to property. Maritime Safety and Security Film was installed to the glazing.

Total Sq. metres: 63.2 sqm.

anti shatter window film