Bolted Glass Containment Systems

  • Reduce the Dangers Caused by Broken Glass

    Property management, health and safety and risk assessment professionals are well aware of the dangers that glass failure – particularly overhead windows – can cause in busy public areas. Whether the breakage is spontaneous or accidental there is significant danger to people.

    Bolted Window Systems have two distinct advantages:

    • First, the toughened glass used by Able Install breaks into pieces that are small and rounded – not the pointed shards you get with ordinary glass.
    • Second, a professionally installed containment system will hold glass that has fractured in place, preventing it from falling and causing injury or further damage.

    There can be an integral fault in the manufacturing process of some toughened glass. The inclusion of nickel sulphate can cause the glass to become brittle and spontaneously break without warning, posing potential risks to the general public. Ideally all glass should be replaced, but this is prohibitively expensive.

    Glass Containment & Anchoring: How it Works

    Our solution – which is cost-effective and non-disruptive – is to use window films together with the bolted system. Our anti-shatter safety window film is not only strong but also elastic, and absorbs shocks and stresses without tearing or weakening. The bolted system frame will bend and twist without breaking, even when subjected to impact stress.

    The result is that broken or shattered glass will stick to the film, and broken panes are held safely in place until a a replacement can be made. Our systems meet The Glass and Glazing Federation’s Recommendation 5.18.3 for adhesive-backed polymeric film applied to glass in the overhead position for containment of glass in the event of failure.

    Best of all, our systems can be installed without removing the existing windows, minimising the impact on your business.

    The Able Install difference: Bespoke, Precision Anchoring Systems.

    Having pioneered and developed the Bolted Glass Containment System, Able Install ltd have successfully implemented variations of this innovation to over 30,000 square metres of glass to prestigious projects such as:

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    200 micron anti-shatter film

Take Advantage of Our Knowledge and Experience

We fully appreciate and understand It’s not always easy to identify the right film to use as this is dependent on the type of windows/glazing used in your building. We are specialists in not only Bolted Glass installations but all aspects of window film installations and can walk you through the different products available, so that you can make an informed choice that will meet all your requirements and specifications.

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