Dealing with Nickel Sulphate Inclusion in Windows, Changi Airport

Client: LTA (Land Transport Authority)

Location: Changi Airport, Singapore

Brief: A method to reinforce and anchor the existing windows against possible spontaneous glass breakage due to nickel sulphate inclusion.

Solution: A 16 man team worked for 14 months, with a window team on both the outside and inside.

The outside face of the glass panel was temporarily anchored with 4 double sets of glass suckers, then the top bolts were removed in sequence.

The anti shatter safety window film was fitted and then anchored around the bolt holes using double sided polyprene self adhesive washers.

The bolts were replaced and tightened to 16 GU; the whole process was then repeated for the bottom half of the glass panel.

Finally a 75mm reinforcing strip was fitted over the butt joint where the top and bottom pieces of film met.

Total sq metres: 9360 internal, 5575 external

Access: cradles and gantries

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