Local Linear Polarised Film

Linear polarised film is designed to block out the information displayed on TV and computer screens whilst still allowing staff member to see inside the office through the glazed partitions but unable to read and off the sensitive data on any screens.

This film is very difficult to install correctly and must be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and installed either vertically or horizontally to be effective.

The images and short video on this page are of a recent installation of the linear polarised film carried out by Able Install Ltd at a Government office in central London.


Linear Polarised Film Near Me

Linear polarised film is one of our favourite products – but why choose window polarising film at all?

The linear film acts as a second protection when you are trying to keep things private, usually in an office. Offices that are made up of glass wall and glass separators are a great way of giving the office a modern look and making it seem like a nice, open space.

However, when you need to keep certain things private within the office, having transparent glass window walls is not exactly ideal. In that case, there are multiple things that can be done with window films, to give your office that open and light feel, without being completely transparent.

Maybe your main concern is things on your screen remaining private. In that case, the best thing for you to have installed would be reliable, linear polarised film. The film works by creating a seemingly black screen effect for those who are witnessing it from outside of the room, but for those inside, the screen will be showing whatever it is that you have decided to show.

It sounds impossible, right? Well it is definitely one of our more ‘magical’ products!

Linear polarised films have become very popular in buildings that cover media and even government buildings.

They offer a great way of allowing the light to channel through to the entire office, and keeping the office space feeling broader and more open, without having to worry about keeping certain things hidden.

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