Anti-Shatter/Bomb Blast Protection Films

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  • Anti Shatter / Bomb Blast Window Film Installation – Protect Your Employees, Customers and the Public

    It’s an unfortunate fact that bomb attacks are likely to occur anywhere but especially in cities throughout the world these days, but did you know that nearly all (90%) of the injuries caused in a bomb blast are from shattered glass flying through the air?

    Glass is used extensively in modern office buildings and represents an additional and serious potential threat to people in the event of a terrorist attack.

    The shock waves created in a bomb blast are powerful and will not only blow external windows in but continue inside the building and also destroy glass doors, partitions and other internal glass. Your whole building could become full of deadly shards of flying glass.

    The Solution: Anti-Shatter Window Safety Film

    This high tensile strength, anti-shatter film will reduce the dangers posed by broken glass and other flying debris, making it far more likely that your building and the people inside it will be safer from serious injury and death, and that your business and property will be affected as little as possible.

    We recommend that not only should the anti-shatter film be installed to external glazing but is also applied to doors and internal partitions.

    The film is usually applied to the internal side of the glass but where there is limited access it can also ve fitted externally,It is designed to stretch and give with the force of the blast without tearing, and can absorb a large part of any shock wave. Even if the glass is blown out it will do so in one piece because it is held together by the film.

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    200 Micron Bomb Blast Protection film.


“Modern Buildings make much greater use of glass than older buildings which means that most casualties nowadays are caused by flying glass.”

from the CIPD (Centre for Protection of National Infrasructure) website

“One of the most serious national security threats that we face today, as the London terrorist attacks in July 2005 showed, is that an attack or multiple attacks may be mounted at any time without warning!”

MI5 describe the threat from international terrorism

Tanker blast ‘a terror attack’

An investigation confirmed that a tanker damaged by a blast in the Strait of Homuz had been the victim of a terrorist attack.

The incident bears similarities to the case of the tanker Limburg, which was rammed by a boat packed with explosives off the coast of Yemen in October 2002. Tanker owners naturally remain concerned at any development that could put crew, ship and cargo at risk, and thereby also threaten to interrupt the flow of free trade.

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Take Advantage of Our Knowledge and Experience

It’s not always easy to identify the right film to use, depending on the type of windows used in your building. We are specialists in anti-shatter/bomb blast protection film installations and can walk you through the different products available, so that you can make an informed choice that will meet all your requirements.

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